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Konzultantské služby a studie týkající se investičních příležitostí v oblasti lesního hospodářství v Bosně a Hercegovině

Konzultantské služby a studie týkající se investičních příležitostí v oblasti lesního hospodářství v Bosně a Hercegovině
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Project name Sector Study of the Forestry and Forest Industry in BiH
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Business sector Natural resources
Project ID 36037
Funding source Austrian Government
Type of contract Consultancy Services
Type of notice Invitation for Expressions of Interest
Issue date 2 Jun 2005
Closing date 23 Jun 2005
The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (“FIPA”), intends to engage consultants to conduct a study to identify investment opportunities in the forest and forestry industry sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main objectives of the assignment are:

• to screen investment opportunities;
• to select a number of focus projects;
• to assess them in greater detail in terms of their feasibility;
• to identify potential investors for the selected focus projects; and
• to present investment opportunities to the investor community by attending seminars and work shops.

In addition, barriers to investment, due to deficits in the legal/regulatory environment, as well as in the broader investment climate, are also to be identified.

As a first step, the Consultant will be expected to assess the current situation of the forest industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This assignment will be carried out in conjunction with a further assignment which assesses the current situation of the forestry sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The assignment is expected to commence in September 2005 and last for around 3 months

Maximum Budget available for the Assignment: EUR 300,000; Exclusive of VAT.

The Consultant must determine whether any indirect taxes/VAT are chargeable on the proposed services and state the basis for such determination, if shortlisted, in the Financial Proposal. If any indirect taxes/VAT are payable, the client will have to pay indirect taxes/VAT element to the services directly to the consultant/s unless otherwise agreed.

Funding Source: The contract will be financed through funds provided by the Austrian Government.

Eligibility: The consultancy firms must be registered in Austria and the experts proposed must be citizens of Austria or employees of consultancy firms registered in Austria.

Consultant Profile: Corporate services are required. The Consultant should have experience in sector studies in forestry and forest industries, as well as in technical, environmental and commercial analysis. The consultant’s team is expected to include experts covering the following areas:

• wood products industry and markets
• pulp & paper industry and markets
• forest policy
• environment, both forestry and industry
• economic and financial analysis

If the consultant does not have all the expertise for the assignment, the consultant may wish to associate with other firms/individuals in a consortia or through an association or through sub-contracting.

Submission Requirements: Interested firms are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.

In order to determine the capability and experience of consulting firms seeking to be shortlisted, the information submitted should include the following:

• company profile, organisation and staffing;
• details of experience or similar assignments undertaken in the previous five years, including their locations;
• CVs of staff who could be available to work on the assignment.

The above information should not exceed 30 pages including CVs.

4 copies of the above information, in English, should be submitted to the FIPA in an envelope marked “Expression of Interest for Sector study of the forestry and forest industry in BiH”, to reach the addressee below not later than the closing date.

Mrs. Slavica Korica
Branilaca Sarajeva 21/III
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: 387 33 278 093
Fax: 387 33 278 081
E-mail: korica@fipa.gov.ba

A further 2 copies should be submitted to the EBRD by the same due date.

Tom Husband
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
One Exchange Square
London EC2A 2JN
United Kingdom
Tel: 44 20 7338 6173
Fax: 44 20 7338 7451
E-mail: husbandt@ebrd.com

Note: Following this Invitation for Expression of Interest, a shortlist of qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals. Shortlisting, selection and contracting will be subject to the availability of funding.

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