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Household Waste Recycling Doubles in England

Household Waste Recycling Doubles in England
LONDON - Recycling of household waste doubled over the last four years in England with more than a fifth of rubbish being sent for reuse, government figures showed on Wednesday.

Nearly 23 percent of domestic waste was recycled in 2004/2005, although the performance showed marked regional variations.

People in the northeast were the least environmentally aware with 16 percent recycling compared with people in east England who recycled the most -- 29 percent.

The European average is about 30 percent.

"We've doubled the amount we recycle in just four years," said Ben Bradshaw, Local Environment Quality minister.

"There is no doubt we can be proud of our progress to date, but now it is time to build on that and start catching up with some of Europe's top recyclers."

On average every person in Britain produces about seven times their own weight in waste a year, the government said.

"Every person in England is currently recycling enough to fill eight green wheelie bins, but we could be recycling as much as 20 bins worth -- up to 60 percent of our waste," Bradshaw said.

Households in England produce 25 million tonnes of waste every year with over half consisting of garden waste, waste paper and kitchen waste.

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