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Phare - technická pomoc a konzultantské služby při vypracování plánů týkajících se oblasti odpadového hospodářství v Rumunsku

Phare - technická pomoc a konzultantské služby při vypracování plánů týkajících se oblasti odpadového hospodářství v Rumunsku
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vypsaný tendr  
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EuropeAid - PHARE  
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S000000 Blíže neurčeno - Služby
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EuropeAid - Phare - technická pomoc a konzultantské služby při vypracování plánů týkajících se oblasti odpadového hospodářství v Rumunsku

Popis tendru (Angličtina):

Technical Assistance for Elaborating the Regional Waste Management Plans
1. Publication reference
2. Procedure
3. Programme
2004 - Phare National Programme for Romania
4. Financing
Phare RO 2004/016 - 772.03.03
5. Contracting Authority
Ministry of Public Finance
Central Finance and Contracting Unit (CFCU)
44, Mircea Voda Avenue, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: ( 4021) 326 55 55

Fax: ( 4021) 326 87 30/ 326 87 09

E-mail: carmenrosu@cfcu.ro / mariush@cfcu.ro


6. Nature of contract


7. Contract description

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to strengthen the institutional capacity to implement and enforce the environmental Acquis focused on waste management, including the capacity of competent authorities to fulfill the requirements for waste management plans set out in Directive 75/442/EEC.

The project is conceived to cover 2 specific objectives, as follows:

7.1 to provide 8 complete (municipal waste and hazardous waste) Regional Waste Management Plans (RWMPs) - Revise, improve and complete with the hazardous component the RWMP for Region 7 Center and elaborate 7 complete (non-hazardous waste and hazardous waste) Regional Waste Management Plans (RWMPs) for the remaining 7 regions.

7.2 to provide support to strengthen thef administrative structures, capacities and skills necessary for effective and efficient preparation, revision, implementation and monitoring of the RWMPs in all 8 regions.

8. Numbers and titles of lots


9. Maximum budget

EUR 1,800,000

10. Scope for additional services



11. Eligibility

Participation is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons of the Member States and the countries and territories of the regions covered and/or authorized by the Regulation or other specific instruments applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed (see also point 29 below).

12. Candidature

All eligible natural and legal persons (as per item 11 above) or groupings of such persons (consortia) may apply.

A consortium may be a permanent, legally-established grouping or a grouping which has been constituted informally for a specific tender procedure. All members of a consortium (i.e., the leader and all other partners) are jointly and severally liable to the Contracting Authority.

The participation of an ineligible natural or legal person (as per item 11) will result in the automatic exclusion of that person. In particular, if that ineligible person belongs to a consortium, the whole consortium will be excluded.

13. Number of applications

Candidates (including firms within the same legal group, other members of the same consortium, and sub-contractors) should submit only one application for the current contract, whatever the form of participation (as an individual candidate, or as leader or partner of a consortium candidate). In the event that a natural and legal person submits more than one application, all applications in which that person has participated will be excluded.

14. Shortlist alliances prohibited

Any tenders received from tenderers comprising firms other than those mentioned in the short-listed application forms will be excluded from this restricted tender procedure. Short-listed candidates may not form alliances or subcontract to each other for the contract in question.

15. Grounds for exclusion

As part of the application form, candidates must declare that they do not fall into any of the categories listed in Section 2.3.3 of the Practical Guide to contract procedures financed from the General Budget of the European Communities in the context of external actions (available from following Internet address: http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/index_en.htm).

16. Sub-contracting

Sub-contracting is allowed. The value of the subcontracted part of the services may not exceed 30% of the contract value.

17. Number of candidates to be short-listed

On the basis of the applications received, at least 4 and at most 8 candidates will be invited to submit detailed tenders for this contract.


18. Provisional date of invitation to tender

March 2006

19. Provisional commencement date of the contract

April 2006

20. Initial period of execution and possible extension of the contract

18 months


21. Selection criteria

The following selection criteria will be applied to candidates. In the case of applications submitted by a consortium, these selection criteria will be applied to the consortium as a whole:

1) Economic and financial standing of candidate [based on item 3 of the application form]

a) The average annual turnover of the candidate (individual company or JV / consortium altogether), over the last 3 (three) years (2002, 2003, 2004) must be at least 1,000,000 Euro;

b) The average annual operating profit of the candidate (individual company or JV/consortium altogether) over the last 3 (three) years (2002, 2003, 2004) must be positive.

2) Professional capacity of candidate [based on items 4 and 5 of the application form]

a) The candidate (individual company or JV/ consortium altogether) should have at least 10 permanent staff currently working in the areas covered by the contract.

b) The candidate (individual company or JV / consortium altogether) will need to demonstrate relevant expertise in the field of specialization related to this project as described under point 7 (e.g. environmental planning; waste management planning, cost assessment; institutional building, delivery of awareness campaigns, provision of training).

3) Technical capacity of candidate [based on items 5 and 6 of the application form]

a) The candidate (individual company or JV / consortium altogether) has implemented in the last 5 (five) years (2001 onwards) at least 2 (two) projects regarding the elaboration of Waste Management Plans (minimum at regional or local level),with a share of participation of at least 700,000 EUR..

b) The candidate (individual company or JV / consortium altogether) has implemented in the last 5 (five) years (2001 onwards) at least 1 (one) project including training in field of waste management dedicated to strengthen the administrative structures, with a share of participation of at least 300,000 EUR.

Note: Projects referred to at the paragraph 21.3. of the present contract description should have been completed by the date when they are presented as reference.

If more than 8 eligible candidates meet the above selection criteria, the relative strengths and weaknesses of the applications of these candidates must be re-examined to identify the eight best applications for the tender procedure.

The factor, which will be taken into consideration during this re-examination, is the number of projects fulfilling criterion 3a) and then the cumulative value thereof.

Nota bene: The Candidate must provide the relevant economic and financial information in order to be assessed by applying the above criteria. Please fill and include in your application the below table with relevant financial data to prove compliance with the selection criteria as published:

Financial Data

Annual turnover (EUR)
Annual operating profit (EUR)

Partner 1
Annual turnover (EUR)
Annual operating profit (EUR)
22. Award criteria

As specified in the tender dossier annexed to the letter of invitation to tender which will be sent to short-listed candidates.

23. Deadline for receipt of applications

22 December 2005, 16:00 hrs local time.

Any application received after this deadline will not be considered.

24. Application format and details to be provided

Applications must be submitted using the standard application form (available from the following Internet address: http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/index_en.htm), whose format and instructions must be strictly observed.
Any application which does not observe these provisions will be automatically eliminated. Any additional documentation (brochure, letter, etc) sent with an application will not be taken into consideration.

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