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Albánie: Skadarské jezero

Albánie: Skadarské jezero


Skadar Lake is a crypto depression, where certain parts of the bottom are settled bellow the sea level, so called sublacustrine springs. The deepest is Radus spring, 60m deep, while the average depth of the Lake is 6m. Archaeological sites, monastery complexes and forts from XIV and XV centuries testify of the Skadar Lake basin importance as an important cultural centre since a very long time ago. Traditional architecture is displayed in old, deserted fishermen settlements on the shore of the Lake. These were the reasons for the establishment of two protected areas on the Montenegrin and Albanian sides of the lake; respectively, the Skadar Lake National Park – established in 1983 – and the Nature Management Area established by Government of Albania in the late 2005. The important town of Shkodra lies at the shore of the water basin, contributing to its historical and cultural relevance. Joint efforts to manage the cultural and natural assets within an integrated basin framework have been made by the two countries in the recent year: several international projects are addressing these aspects by providing technical and financial support.


The complexity of the local dynamics on the two shores of the lake will represent the two side of the same local ‘BtheB’ experience. In fact, a first part – and its related biking tour – will be devoted to the natural assets of the Montenegrin site, where participants will face the landscape integrity being protected by the National Park. On the other side, the town of Shkodra – where the second part of the visit will be located – represents a cultural capital of Albania history and a still vivid socio-economic centre. Despite the countries and landscape diversities present in the two sides, the uniqueness of the integral water basin call for concerted actions. Participants will have the chance to be introduced to the most advanced joint initiatives that have been conducted by the local stakeholders with the assistance of the international community.

ZDROJ: http://www.bikingthebalkans.org/tappa8.html


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