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Prelude oficiálně spuštěn (angl.)

Prelude oficiálně spuštěn (angl.)

PRELUDE - interactive land use scenarios - officially launched

PRELUDE, an EEA scenarios study that explores future European landscapes, has been officially launched in Brussels and on the EEA website.

PRELUDE (PRospective Environmental analysis of Land Use Development in Europe) uses an innovative mix of illustration, text and state-of-the-art models to simulate five contrasting future environmental scenarios for a Europe affected by changing patterns of land use, climate change, agriculture and demographics.

“PRELUDE illustrates that the key trends facing Europe can change significantly. We need better integrated, long-term assessments to effectively support strategic decision-making. Our current governance structures are not well suited to this kind of long-term vision,” Professor Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director of the EEA, said during a short presentation to more than 100 invited guests at La Bibliotheque Solvay.

“The PRELUDE project was our attempt to go far beyond the perspective of two legislative cycles and explore Europe’s society and environment 30 years from now. We need a long-term view if we don’t want to undermine our commitment to sustainable development,” Professor McGlade said.

After presenting PRELUDE, Professor Jacqueline McGlade was joined in a panel discussion by Paolo Costa, Chairman of the Committee on Transport and Tourism, European Parliament; John Bensted-Smith, Director for Economic Analysis and Evaluation, Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission; and Tony Long, Director, World Wildlife Fund at La Bibliotheque Solvay, in Brussels.

PRELUDE has already won four communication awards, including a Clarion Award, which recognises best practice in communicating the importance of sustainable development initiatives.


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