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Greenpeace proti plánům na změnu paliva v elektrárně Enelu v Porto Tolle

Greenpeace proti plánům na změnu paliva v elektrárně Enelu v Porto Tolle

Venice, Italy — Twenty Greenpeace volunteers  climbed before month the 250-meter-high chimney of a power plant in Porto Tolle, Italy. They're protesting Italian energy company ENEL's plans to rely on coal for Italy's energy future. Several activists have now occupied the site for nearly 48 hours.

ENEL is the greatest CO2 emitter in Italy and is actually trying to convert two of its biggest oil power plants to coal: one is Porto Tolle, while the other is near Rome.

Climbers left the chimney  on Saturday 16th December. Nearly 2000 "cyberactivists" joined them in virtual protest at the plant, and Economy Minister Pierluigi Bersani agreed to meet with Greenpeace.  Bersani agreed to turn down ENEL's request for an increase in their carbon emissions cap.  In effect, this means the Porto Tolle plant will get no emission license and cannot convert to coal.  The agreed cap will, however, allow the conversion of the second plant in Civitavecchia.  We will continue efforts to have that conversion overturned as well.

These projects will result in a CO2 emissions increase of about 21 metric tonnes; a backwards step for a country struggling to make its commitment to carbon reduction under the Kyoto treaty

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