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Role vodní dopravy v logistice odpadů (angl.)

Role vodní dopravy v logistice odpadů (angl.)

Waste over water
More often than not, waterways are strategically located in urban and industrial centres where waste is produced, and they are ideally placed to reduce the number of trucks clogging up urban and residential roads. 

The port of Lille ships the city’s domestic waste by container barge to the incineration plant down/upstream. Over a period of 4 years this regular liner service transported some 300,000 tonnes packed in 55,000 containers. The port of Paris, ideally located with its 70 port sites, collects paper for transport by barge to a waterside recycling factory producing cardboard, which is then loaded on vessels to Le Havre and Antwerp for export to Asia. Also, 175,000 tonnes of burned domestic waste are shipped annually as well as 3 million tonnes of debris and clearing material.

In the Netherlands, the close-knit structure of waterways is ideally suited to move waste. Flevoland and the area around Zaanstad, north of Amsterdam, transport some 140,000 tonnes a year of household waste by barge to the waste plant of Alkmaar. This amounts to 11,000 garbage containers and saves 5,500 truck movements a year. In Delft and The Hague some 100,000 tonnes of waste are transported by water to an incineration plant by means of a regular container service.

In Belgium, in Liège 50,000 tonnes of domestic waste are transported annually over the Meuse, and in Brussels 120,000 tonnes of incinerated waste (clinkers) is shipped to the Netherlands.

In the UK, London's waste is transported on barges replacing 100,000 lorry movements a year. New waterside state-of-the-art materials recycling facilities will process recyclables such as paper, cardboard, glass bottles, cans and plastics, and lead to a shift of over a million tonnes of refuse off the roads each year.


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