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Norové připravují ekologické lodě

Norové připravují ekologické lodě

Norway aims to be the first country in the world to launch environmentally-friendly ships based on fuel cell technology. Eidesvik Offshore ASA is the architect behind the model of fuel cell technology in the maritime sector to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

17.9.2007 :: “We strongly believe that environmentalist solutions are the future for commercial shipping” says CEO, Jan Fredrik Meling.

The company teamed up with The Norwegian Veritas (DNV), as well as others in 2003, and has been granted sponsorship from the Research Council of Norway to develop the first ship to be fuelled up on natural gas. Bellona, a Norwegian NGO that is working on environmental issues, applauds the initiative.

Norway has unilaterally decided to reduce NOx emissions with 30 per cent within 2010. If the new technology that enables offshore vessels to run on a fuel cell system goes as planned, it has the potential to cut a ship’s CO2 emissions with 50 per cent and terminate NOx emissions completely.

The first phase of the groundbreaking maritime innovation was concluded in 2006. The next step is to test it on an actual ship within 2008. The launch of a vessel with a complete integrated hybrid fuel cell system is scheduled shortly after.

“We are positive that we’ll get the results we want”, says Meling. The businessman emphasizes that the sponsorship of the Research Council is an acknowledgement of the company’s activities.

ZDROJ: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

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