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Skysails for freighters and motor yachts

Skysails for freighters and motor yachts

SkySails are wind propulsion systems for modern shipping. By using a SkySails system ship operation will become more profitable, safer and independent of declining oil reserves.


The planned product range contains towing kite propulsion systems with a nominal propulsion power of up to 5,000 kW (about 6,800 HP).  On annual average fuel costs can be lowered between 10-35% depending on actual wind conditions and actual time deployed. Under optimal wind conditions, fuel consumptions can temporarily be reduced up to 50%.


At the current oil price a SkySails propulsion creates approx. just 1/3 of the cost of a conventional ship diesel.



Components of the SkySails-System

The SkySails system consists of a fully automated towing kite propulsion and a wind-optimised routeing system. It is used offshore, additionally to the propulsion of the ship’s engine, if the wind conditions allow.


The SkySails technology differs from conventional sailing systems, which fit the sail to a mast and thereby connect it to the ship, in that the towing kite of the SkySails system is connected to the ship via a towing rope. Sail area and ship are thus separate from each other. The resulting characteristics of the SkySails technology offer ships an auxiliary wind propulsion with an entirely new performance spectrum: high performance, high practicability and high safety.




Most cargo ships and superyachts can be retrofitted with the SkySails technology trouble-free.



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SkySails for cargo vessels

SkySails for superyachts

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