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India: Tata gas bus

India: Tata gas bus

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Door Type

Ultra Low Floor Double door
Chassis Platform LPO 1623/62
Engine Power (Kw) 171 Kw @ 2800 rpm
Engine Torque (Nm) 678 Nm @ 1600 rpm
Clutch Diameter (mm) 352
Gear Box Type G600
Rear Axle Ratio 41/6
Steering Power
No. of Tyre Size 6 1
Tyre Size 10x20 / 11x20, 16 PR, Radial
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) 9 cylinders 108 kgs gas @ 200 bar
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 16200
Basic Dimensions (mm) Wheel Base - 6200
Front Over Hang - 2490
Rear Over Hang - 3290
Overall Length - 11980
Width - 2600
Seat Pitch -
Gangway 700
Internal height 1900/2440
Overall height (in laden condition) 2870 without cyl bank, 3300 with cyl bank

Tata Starbus Ultra Low Floor – High Capacity CNG bus for intra-city travel

The Starbus Ultra Low Floor bus is very similar to its higher mounted sister, the Starbus Low Floor. However there are a few additional advantages that have transformed this into a truly revolutionary intra-city commuter vehicle.

The easiest bus to get in and out of: The Starbus UltraLow Floor has a low floor height of 380 mm from the ground level (almost pavement level), making boarding and alighting very convenient for commuters of all ages, and the disabled too. Plus, wide, twin doors fitted at the centre and at the front permit 3 passengers to simultaneously board and alight the bus.

A marriage of comfort and economy: The Starbus Ultra Low Floor has 27-32 seats and plenty of space for standee commuters. Over 80 passengers can travel easily and comfortably in this bus during peak hour. Plus, the use of CNG makes it far more economical to run and safer for the environment too.

Easy access for passengers of all ages: Passengers can now walk into the Starbus Low Floor and Ultra Low Floor with ease. That?s because the Starbus Low Floor and Ultra Low Floor have a floor height of 650 mm and 380 mm respectively, as against conventional city buses that have a floor height of 1100-1200 mm. This allows even senior citizens, disabled persons and children to board the bus easily. These buses are equipped with wide doors (1200 mm) fitted at the centre and in the front that allow simultaneous entry/exit of three passengers. All these features translate into shorter halts at bus stops and quicker journeys for commuters.

Designed for comfort: The Starbus Low Floor is 11.2 m long and 2.6 m wide, translating into a spacious and roomy interior. Over 100 passengers can travel easily, with comfortable seating for 44. Sound-absorbing ply used for flooring as well as the thick glass- wool insulation on roof sides reduces noise, vibration and heat inside the passenger saloon. The anti-vandalism plastic seats have a longer life and provide just the right seating comfort for travel within the city. All seats are fitted with convenient handholds. Grab handles have also been provided for all the standees in the bus. The wide aisle area allows for much more standing room. The imported, special anti-skid vinyl flooring is hard anodised to endure sustained wear-and-tear.

Appealing aesthetics: Apart from comfort for passengers, the bus has an impressive interior d飯r. All fasteners are concealed to provide a neat finish. Sound absorbing materials have been extensively used to make the passenger cabin as quiet as possible. Large side windows allow plenty of light and provide good visibility. The two hatches in the roof, one each at the front and rear, facilitate ventilation inside the bus. The FRP moulded, modern front-face makes it one of the smartest members of the Starbus family. Special quality Polyurethane paint has been used on the exterior, for lasting gloss and durable finish. Luminous destination indicators are provided, which add to the buses? sleek, contemporary looks.

Driver comfort: The Tata Starbus Low Floor is packed with driver-centric features, which ultimately result in enhanced passenger safety. The steering wheel is leather-covered for better grip and comfort. A composite instrument panel makes the operation of controls easy, allowing for better driving. A giant one-piece panoramic windshield, equipped with a sophisticated wiper system helps provide high visibility under all conditions, including during heavy rain. A passenger address system helps improve communication between the driver and passengers.

Enhanced Profitability for operators: The Starbus Low Floor has been conceptualised and built to provide a superior commuting alternative to the conventional city bus. A fuel-efficient engine and long-lasting tyres, decrease maintenance costs. The comfort, facilities and safety features offered by the Starbus Low Floor leads to increased occupancy, translating into profitability for the fleet. This combination of economy and profitability ensures that this vehicle is a class apart.

Powerful Tata Cummins 6BT 5.9 TCIC rear engine:The Starbus Low Floor is equipped with a fuel-efficient 100HP BS-II turbo-charged diesel engine, having a high flat, low end torque of 415 Nm@1100-1300 rpm. This makes it an ideal workhorse for city commuting. Most importantly, this engine is fitted into the rear of the bus to reduce noise, heat and vibration levels, while also increasing interior space. Thus, ensuring complete comfort for the passengers and the driver.

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