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Zelená olympiáda

Zelená olympiáda

Beijing's green display

BEIJING, March 26 -On Tuesday morning, the "Green Olympics -- From Concepts to Action" Touring Photo Exhibition held its grand opening ceremony in front of the Beijing Lufthansa Center. The exhibition features over one hundred placards complete with information regarding the steps China took in order to ready itself for the Olympics in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The entire exhibition is divided into four categories that help visitors understand how Beijing prepared for the Games while embodying the concept of a "Green Olympics." Through pictures, charts, and detailed explanations about technological advances, the touring exhibition seeks to display Beijing's steps in creating a suitable, green environment in which to host the Olympics. In order to better help guests understand the information presented, high-tech devices, including electronic guidebooks, are also available.

Beijing's green display
International guests are attracted by the exhibition.

Through the exhibition, visitors can better understand the harmonious relationship between man and nature, the advantages to environmental protection and healthy living brought about by advances in technology, and the steps that Beijing took to become a more environmentally


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