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Hybrid China

Hybrid China
These days car shows are starting to attract more and more electric or hybrid vehicle concept cars

and Beijing car show was certainly no different. The price of oil is hitting all time highs, the RMB has gone up in value against the dollar to offset the cost of buying oil into China but the fact remains, sooner or later, electric cars are going to become mainstream, and it may just be the Chinese that crack the market.

Great Wall Kulla:


The GW Kulla is a 2 seater pure electric vehicle which should see a maximum running distance of 140km on a single charge. GW also showed off an electric Peri.

Guangzhou AHEV

Guangzhou Automotive Group the partners of Toyota and Honda in China, showed off their first electric car concept at the Beijing Show. One was a two door coupe, and the other was a four door version.

Great Wall Hover Hybrid


Due to the high price of oil, sales of the best selling Great Wall Hover could go down. Great Walls solution was to make a 2.4 Hybrid version which will see oil savings of 15% when being driven around the city - an excellent idea seeing as most Hover owners would never take their car off road anyway.

Haima H1/Fu Shi Da


We showed off the Haima H1 earlier this year, but Haima have tweaked the design a little, and added a fully electric drive train. We’re unsure as to what kind of batteries are in the H1/Fushida but we’re told the car needs 4-5 to fully charge so we’re guessing that the H1 actually uses lead acid batteries. The H1 also has regenerative breaking technology to create electricity on the go.

Geely FCE


The Geely FCE has 1.6 92bhp engine, and also a hybrid drivetrain which gives out 40bhp of power, making it perfect for shorter and longer trips.

Beijing 2008 has shown that Chinese manufacturers are getting serious about hybrids and pure electric vehicles, perhaps its a result of the government giving China a ‘Green Olympics’ which has awoken the Chinese populace up to the fact that their environment ain’t as great as it used to be.

Foto: Gasgoo


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