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Z daleké Číny: Přátelé přírody (Friends of Nature of China)

Z daleké Číny: Přátelé přírody (Friends of Nature of China)

Friends of Nature (FON) is the oldest environmental non-government organization (NGO) in China, and has played a pivotal role in promoting environmental awareness and protection in Beijing and throughout China as a whole. Officially registered in 1994 as the ˇ°Green Culture Institute of the International Academy of Chinese Cultureˇ± under the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Friends of Nature has literally raised the environmental awareness of hundreds of thousands of Chinese students, citizens, and government officials. In particular, we have increased public understanding of endangered species such as the snub-nosed monkey and the Tibetan antelope in ChinaˇŻs southwestern provinces. Not only has FON raised awareness of certain environmental issues both domestically and internationally, we have also successfully lobbied government officials to crack down on poaching these precious animals. FON has also focused on promoting ˇ°green cultureˇ± among ChinaˇŻs emerging urban middle-class. From recycling to energy conservation campaigns, FON has worked individually and jointly with other NGOs to curb unnecessary consumption. Finally, FON is dedicated to educating younger generations of Chinese about the beauty of nature and environmentally sustainable development through workshops, fieldtrips, and teacher training.

As well as carrying out numerous environmental education and awareness campaigns, Friends of Nature has also helped establish numerous other grassroots environmental NGOs and university student groups around the country. These grassroots NGOs have often emerged when concerned citizens and students, having participated in FON workshops or seminars, realize that it is every individualˇŻs and organizationˇŻs responsibility to promote an environmentally sustainable society. Another pattern has been for individuals to work at FON for a few years in order to gain skills and knowledge before leaving to start their own NGO. Rather than seeing this as a loss, however, we see this as FON spreading the seeds of environmental consciousness. Over the last decade, these seeds have taken root in every province of China, as environmental NGOs and other civil society groups work towards the creation of an environmentally ˇ°Harmonious Society.ˇ±

Basic Information

Name of the Organization: The Green Culture Institute of the International

Academy of Chinese Culture (Friends of Nature)

Address: Room 301, Wanbo Office Building

No. 53 Ganyu St. Eastern Dictrict, Beijing

Zip Code: 100006

Contact Phone: 65232040/65120929/65120827

Fax: 65286069

Email: office@fon.org.cn

Website: www.fon.org.cn

President of Friends of Nature: Liang Congjie

Time of Establishment: March 1994

Place of Registration: Ministry of Civil Affairs of China

Nature of Organization: Membership Social Organization

Major Work Field: Environment Protection

Major Forms of ActivitiesŁş Seminars, Training, Lectures, Exhibition, Website,

Publication, Promotion, and Policy Advising

Number of Fulltime Workers: 14

ZDROJ: www.fon.org.cn

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