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Elektrické Berlingo

Elektrické Berlingo

Citroën Berlingo Electrique 

Citroën has long recognised the importance of low emissions as being a key factor in protecting the environment and also in reducing operating costs thanks to high fuel efficiency. 
Government action across Europe has made the use of alternative fuels a viable alternative for commercial fleet operators. Citroën has been in the forefront of the development of alternative fuelled vehicles and the launch of the Berlingo Electrique reflects the company's commitment to minimising the environmental impact of motor vehicles.

In Britain, the Electric Berlingo is available to special order and a number have been put into service by UK municipal operators.
The Berlingo was, from its inception, designed with petrol, diesel, LPG and electric power in mind. Thus the capacity of all these versions remains the same at 3,0 m3. The 27 nicad batteries that power the Electric Berlingo are located under the bonnet and under the rear load floor. Payload is 500 kg.
The Electric Berlingo is intended to suit utility, municipal and other urban operations. With a top speed of 100 kph and 0 to 50 kph in 8,4 seconds, the Electric Berlingo has a practical range, depending on operating conditions, of up to 100 km.
Powered by a Leroy Somer 28kW DC motor, the Electric Berlingo features a regeneration system which comes into effect when the throttle is released; the electric motor then acts like a generator to recharge the batteries and to provide engine braking.
All the driver convenience functions of the other Berlingos are retained, such as power steering and servo brakes, the former being provided with power by a separate electric motor driving an hydraulic pump and the latter by an electric vacuum pump. Both systems are powered by a separate auxiliary battery.
From flat the batteries can be charged in nine hours using a normal domestic power supply and plug. The batteries can be fast charged for ten minutes to give 20 km of operation.



Electric motor with direct current

Nominal Power


Maximum power

28 kW @ 1 500 to 5 500 rpm

Maximum torque

180 NM @ 0 to 1 600 rpm


Pulsed air



Single speed reduction gearbox with selection for forward and reverse (one forward gear, one reverse gear)


Top speed

60 mph

0 - 28 mph

8,4 seconds

Maximum range

59,4 miles

1 : electronic control system
2: drive shaft
3 : transmission
4 : motor


ZDROJ: www.elektromobil.wz.cz

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