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Krásy Srbska: Národní park Tara

Krásy Srbska: Národní park Tara


TARATara was declared a National Park in 1981. It is in the mountainous region of Western Serbia and it spreads on the Tara and Zvezda mountains, in a large bend of the river Drina. The area of this national park is about 22,000 hectares and its altitude varies from 250 to 1,500 metres a.s.l. The park management office is in Bajina Basta.

The national park consists of a gruop of mountain peaks and areas with deep gorges, the most striking of which is the Drina Gorge. The area is also characterised by karst caves, pits and springs, in addition to many beauty spots.

Forests account for three quarters of this national park's area and some of them are best preserved and of highest quality in Europe. Tara also boasts a rare endemic Tertiary species, the Pancic spruce, which is now confined to a very small area. Because of its rarety, scientific importance and beauty (many people regard it as the most beautiful conifer in Europe), it has been placed under state protection. The locality is inhabited by a wide variety of animal species.

The Tara National Park can be reached from Bajina Basta directly (by the Bajina Basta - Kaludjerske Bare road), from Bajina Basta via Perucac (by the Perucac - Mitrovac road) and from Kremna (the Kremna - Kaludjerske Bare road). The Drina Gorge, which is an an integral part of park, can be toured by boat. This is a special attraction and memorable experience.

There are now two basic tourist localities in the national park: Kaludjerske Bare with a hotel complex and Mitrovac with a children's recreational centre and some catering facilities. Tara offers excellent conditions for relaxation and recreation throughout the year, not to mention the winter sports facilities.

Tara National Park, Bajina Basta
M. Topalovica 3
tel. 381 31 851 445.

ZDROJ: www.serbia-info.com

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