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Zahájen mezinárodní geologický kongres v Oslo

Zahájen mezinárodní geologický kongres v Oslo

The Opening Ceremony was a grand experience of music, rhythm, illusions, brief and succinct speeches, and a handful of beautiful video postcards from the Nordic countries.

His Majesty King Harald V emphasized the importance of the earth sciences as he officially opened the 33rd IGC Wednesday evening. At the same time he encouraged further development and pointed to the strong tradition of geology in Norway.

In his welcome speech President Arne Bjørlykke pointed out that the geosciences are vital to a society demanding high quality research and knowledge transfer.

After the stage entertainment in a packed plenary hall, where the audience numbered approximately 4000, the ceremony proceeded outside.

King Harald and invited guests unveiled a full-scale replica of
Gisele Jackson at the opening 
Wonderful Gisele Jackson and a local choir set the opening standard.
the Mesozoic Pleciosaurus found in recent excavations on Svalbard. A short video presentation was given by Professor Jørn Hurum of the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo.

At the end of the ceremony President Arne Bjørlykke showed King Harald a large sculpture of Larvikite, which recently has been elected as Norway's national rock.

King Harald with the IGC Secretary General and President 
King Harald was amused by President Arne Bjørlykke's (right)
storytelling about the Larvikite. General Secretary Anders
Solheim at the left.
His Majesty King Harald V behind the teeth of a Pleciosaurus, straight after the opening ceremony Wedensday evening.

 Opening with Plesiosaurus

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