zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

Tjumeň je nejenom ložisko ropy a plynu, ale také chráněný biotop

Tjumeň je nejenom ložisko ropy a plynu, ale také chráněný biotop

Dříve jsme o Tjumeni slyšeli jenom jako o ložisku energetických surovin, dnes je oblast vedena jako chráněný močálový biotop.

Tyumen and Kurgan Transboundary Wetlands

Map for Trans-boundary Territory between Tyumen and Kurgan Oblasts

Geographic Location

The project site is located between 55° 50' N, 67° 20' E; 55° 50' N, 68° 10’ E; 55° 25' N, 67° 25' E; and 55° 55' N, 67° 30' E. It sits approximately 100 m above sea level, in the Ishim province of the forest-steppe zone on the West Siberian Plain.


The Tobol-Ishim forested steppe is approximately 360,000 ha, comprising birch and aspen forests interspersed with meadows and steppes, most of which are under farmlands, as well as with salty meadows, fens, and reed thickets. In the low-lying areas, there are numerous lakes and marshes overgrown with emergent, floating and submerged aquatic plants (Phragmites, Typha, Carex, Scirpus, etc.). The project site is important for migrating and breeding populations of waterfowl and colonial shore birds.

Conservation Status

A number of protected areas were established at this project site.

1. Belozersky State Wildlife Refuge (zakaznik) in Armizonsky District with a core area of 17,850 ha and a buffer zone of 600 ha. All human activities affecting natural ecosystems, including fishery, recreation, etc., are prohibited or limited in Belozersky.

2. In Berdyuzhsky District, two state wildlife refuges are established: Okunevsky Zakaznik (1,930 ha) and Pesochny Zakaznik (930 ha). Temporary wildlife refuges are established in this district every year during the hunting season.

3. In Sladkovsky District, two wildlife refuges were organized: Kabansky Zakaznik (22,400 ha) and Tavolzhan Zakaznik (2,720 ha), and also a Natural Monument at Brusnichnoye. Seasonal wildlife refuges are established on several lakes in this district.

4. A network of natural monuments and “green belts” around towns is being developed.

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