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Zajímavost: Skládka u Pekingu

Zajímavost: Skládka u Pekingu

Beishenshu Waste Sanitation Landfill


Beishenshu Waste Sanitation Landfill is located in Ciqu Township, Tongzhou District, Beijing, 13km away from Xiaowuji Waste Transfer Station. With premises of 33.76 hectares, the landfill has a designed processing capacity of 1,000 tons per day. The landfill site covers an area of 260,000 m2 and a total refuse height of 54m, total landfill capacity of 4,647,000m3 and a designed life of 13 years.


Entering the site, the waste would be placed in black-white switch zone after firstly be weighed with floor scales. Afterwards, the field vehicle will move the waste to designated place at the site. As the landfill becomes increasingly higher, a slope of 1:3 shall be built. Meanwhile, the hill road inside the landfill site shall be built for field vehicles to reach designated site easily. The ultimate covering layer consists of enclosed layer, distribution layer and plat layer in outward order.


This site represents China’s leading domestic waste treatment facility, which introduces advanced technologies from Germany in waste sanitation landfill. The landfill base consists of an anti-permeation layer made of compacted concrete of clay and Bentonite, which effectively cuts off permeation of leachate and contamination of underground water. The base also features some slope for effective collection of leachate, which flows via collecting channels to leachate tank. After going through treatment, the leachate could be used as the landfill’s dust fall. After being compressed to standard density, the waste shall be covered by a layer of fine sand or brown soil.


In an attempt to prevent white pollution, the site has set up a fence mesh above the landfill and designated personnel would be charged to handle plastic bags. The fly elimination at the landfill will adopt chemical spray both manually and mechanically. The site hosts an environment monitoring system and a laboratory, providing monitoring over leachate, methane, atmosphere, water, Soil, underground water and surrounding environment of the landfill site and adopts online monitoring over landfill site operations, methane collection and utilization and leachate disposal. Since it’s being put into operation, various monitored values have been up to national standards.


In recent years, considering the increases in refuse and sewage gas, Beijing Municipal Government has allocated special funds for treatment of sewage gas. In the landfill site, sewage gas collection and exploitation system has been constructed, and operations at the landfill areas, sewage gas collection and exploitation, and leachate treatment are put under online monitoring with improved the monitoring and supervision facilities.


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