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Airbus v čele "zelených" leteckých výrobců

Airbus v čele  zelených  leteckých výrobců
The Airbus ACADEMY project - which stands for Airbus Corporate Answer to Disseminate integrated Environmental Management sYstem - is partly funded by the European Union's LIFE programme for environmental and nature conservation efforts.
This project ran for three years to develop an innovative environmental management system (EMS) for Airbus aircraft.

Traditionally, environmental management systems have been focused on managing the environmental impact of industrial facilities during production. However, Airbus set out to build an EMS that integrated both its manufacturing processes and its products through a lifecycle approach. This means that Airbus can now systematically assess the environmental impact of its products from the initial design stage right through to end-of-life.

The new management system allows for the mapping, assessment, control and reduction of the environmental impact of an aircraft and its production processes. Designed to be fully compliant with ISO 14001 international environmental standards, the system has now been introduced at all Airbus' manufacturing sites and products.

In late 2006, Airbus became the first aircraft manufacturer to be awarded ISO 14001 certification for full lifecycle coverage. This award supports Airbus' commitment to the continuous improvement of its products and processes with regard to their environmental impact, as well as setting new standards for the aviation industry.


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