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Polární princ - loď pro speciální operace

Polární princ - loď pro speciální operace
Loď Polar Prince se mj. účastnila odčerpávání ropy z potopeného tankeru Prestige. 

Polar Prince



New generation subsea construction, inspection, maintenance, repair, DP vessel featuring very low motion characteristics, low noise, high redundancy, large autonomy in all operating modes.


Class II Dynamically Positioned Vessel (DNV +1A1) SF, DYNPOS-AUTR, RP, EO, HLDK-SH


Length overall (LOA): 94.10 m
Length between perp. (LBP): 80.40 m
Moulded beam: 22 m
Moulded depth to A-deck: 9.65 m
Design draught (DWL): 7.10 m
Scantling draught: 7.40 m
Gross tonnage: 7,000 t

Dynamic positioning:

Class II Redundant system with Ref. Syst.:
2 DGPS, Fan Beam, Light Taut Wire - 500 m, HPR 410 S, HPR Hi PAP, Seapath or equiv. Artemis interface,
2 MRU systems,
2 gyro compass interfaces.

Propulsion and thrusters:

2 x 4,300 kW CP propellers in nozzles
1 x 1,150 kW bow transverse thruster
1 x 800 kW bow transverse thruster
1 x 800 kW stern transverse thruster
1 x 1500 kW azimuth thruster fwd
1 x 800 kW azimuth thruster aft

Main features:

Actively-compensated offshore crane, pedestan mounted.
75 t at 11 m radius (40 t at 20 m rad.) for lifts down to 2,000 m w.d.
120 t at 11 m radius (60 t at 20 m rad.) with double-fall reeving (150 t in harbour conditions) A-Frame 100 t SWL, 13 m high and 60 t stern roller.
Open Deck Space 1,000 sq.m, 10 t/sq.m
Two moon-pools: one 7 x 6.5 m for module lowering at mid-ship/opendeck, and one 4.9 x 5.2 m aft for ROV operations (via curson system).

ROV systems:

Two new-generation, top-features, 3,500 mt rated, 150 shaft-HP, Work class ROV Sonsub Innovator with extended tether feature (up to 950 m from TMS) are permanently installed on board.
One is launched/recovered via the aft moon-pool through a ship built-in cursor system designed for operation up to sea state 8.
The second ROV is launched/recovered by A-frame through an opening on the portside of the ROV hangar. An eyeball ROV may be operated from the upper deck (above the ROV hangar) if needed.

Crew facilities:

42 cabins, total 87 berths
4 large offices/survey areas

ZDROJ: www.saipem.it
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