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Hasičský Leopard

Hasičský Leopard
Tak jako v ČR existuje požární tank na bázi tanku T-55 existuje v zahraničí  víceúčelový  tank na podvozku tanku Leopard 1. Tank tohoto typu se mj. aktivně účastnil i hašení požárů v létě 2007 v řecké Olympii.

The heavy-duty fire-fighting vehicle PHF 20 T is a fully-tracked vehicle specially designed for forest fire fighting in hardly accessible and dangerous areas and for dangerous fighting tasks like fires in crashed airplanes or chemical plants. This vehicle is distinguished by an extreme large water reservoir and a remote controlled fire extinguishing monitor. The operation of this special-purpose vehicle is largely independent of external supplies and support.

One of the most critical tasks for coalition and provisional government forces in Iraq is the daily sweeping of roads for IEDs (improvised explosive devices). These are mines, bombs or explosive shells that are wired for detonation by cell phones or radio frequency emission devices

The carrier vehicle for the PHF 20 T is the chassis of the demilitarized Leopard 1 main battle tank. The fully-tracked vehicle is highly manoeuverable and mobile in cross-country terrain and features a low ground pressure in spite of high payloads. For driving on public roads the track has rubber pads mounted.

The front end of the hull accomodates two stations fordriver and fire extinguisher operator located side by side. The construction of the hull is such as to provide good protection for the crew against direct radiated heat from the fire and mechanical forces (e. g. falling trees). The integrated NBC protection system of the Leopard 1 protects the crew against smoke and toxid gases so that it becomes possible to even cross fires. In the center of the chassis is the pump compartment with the fire extinguisher pump. The pump is powered through a hydraulic intermediate gearbox to control the pump capacity on the move (roll and pump) directly by the engine of the tank.

The fire extinguishing agent reservoir (3-chamber system) with a capacity of appr 20.000litres is permanently mounted above the chassis. This reservoir covers the chassis almost completely. At the front, it is mounted on the existing hull frame support structure for the turret and at the rear end, it is mounted; on support pads welded onto the chassis. All connections are designed as bolted joints so that the water reservoir can be removed from the chassis formaintenance operations. The fire-fighting vehicle PHF 20 T is designed for both refilling with water from an outside source and for self-priming.

The fire extinguishing monitor is mounted at the front of the fire extinguishing agent reservoir above the operator stations. It can be remote-controlled from the vehicle interior for reason of crew protection. It is driven lectrically. The vehicle is normally operated head-out. Only when reaching the area of the fire or dangerous zones the hatches are closed to protect the crew. Outward vision is ensured by means of optical vision blocks.Video na adrese:http://www.jumbofiretank.com/www_jumbo/video.htm


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