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New separator sorts small cardboard

New separator sorts small cardboard
Last summer Wagensveld B.V. developed the Carbo Separator in co-operation with the waste paper industry. According to the Dutch company, this machine is able to remove up to 95 per cent of the remaining cardboard from the paper flow without losing large amounts of de-inking material. The machine has a capacity of approximately 15 tons per hour and sorting line.

The Carbo Separator is equipped with a combination of nails and a segregation line. These have been adjusted to each other in such a way that only the cardboard is removed and the paper remains on the segregation line.

According to company statements hardly any maintenance and abrasion costs arise for the machine because of its solid construction and the fixed assembly of the nails in the sorting drum. The excentric sorting drum ensures that the collected cardboard drops out automatically and is removed from the machine by means of a conveyor belt.

In order to keep material out of the machine that is too heavy or too large Wagensveld offers an influx belt with levelling function. When the system is activated, any material which is too large is removed from the paper flow automatically.

source: recycling magazine

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