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Just 3 weeks until Waste-to-Resources 2009!

Just 3 weeks until Waste-to-Resources 2009!

Participants from 37 countries are registered!



The 3rd International Symposium on mechanical-biological waste treatment
(MBT) and automatic / sensor based waste sorting technologies, which is
under the auspices of German Minister of Environment Sigmar Gabriel, takes
place from the 12th to the 15th of May 2009 in Hanover, Germany. It is
world’s leading conference specialised on MBT and MRF (material recovery
facilities). Key aspects of the programme are as follows:

12th of May: International aspects and experiences, future developments
including new methods of waste treatment, waste management strategies

13th of May: Mechanical-biological treatment, Production of alternative
fuels (RDF).

14th of May: Processing of refuse derived fuel (RDF), sorting of recyclable
fraction, waste-analysis

15th of May: Site visit to MBT Suedniedersachsen (maximum150 participants)
and afterwards to RDF co-generation plant Witzenhausen (max. 50 participants)

Single day tickets are available. Programme and more information about
conference and exhibition is available at

There will be continuous simultaneous translation provided on the 3
conference days, so that it will be possible to hear all presentations in
English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

The parallel exhibition (12th-14th of May) brings together a highly
qualified audience and market leaders in advanced waste and recycling
technology. You will find the details for reservation of an exhibition
surface, sponsor packages and further advertising possibilities under
 http://www.wasteconsult.de/w2r/advertise2.htm .

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