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Krátce: Italské firmy pomáhají v Albánii s řešením skládek

Krátce: Italské firmy pomáhají v Albánii s řešením skládek


Project description

The purpose of the project activity is to implement an LFG recovery and flaring system at the dump site, in order to reduce CH4 emissions for the benefit of global climate and thus to generate CERs. The baseline for this project activity is the amount of methane that would be emitted from the dump site to the atmosphere in the absence of the project activity.

The dump site was open during 1960’s and it is situated about 2 km away from the town. It covers 6,5ha and serves around 114.000 inhabitants. The amount of MSW carried into the dump site is estimated to be around 60t per day. Almost all waste going to the dump site is composed of domestic household solid waste. This disposal site does not have any system to protect groundwater against leaching of hazardous substances. Currently LFG collection is not carried out, so the LFG is released to the atmosphere.

The project requires an investment in a gas collection system and equipment for LFG flaring, which will be composed of vertical collection wells, horizontal gas collection pipes, gasholders, measurement equipment, blower and LFG flaring module.

Public utility that manages the dump site, does not possess the technical, human and financial resources to implement LFG collection and flaring on the dump site. Legislation that requires mandatory collection of LFG from dump site sites doesn’t exist either in legal framework of the Republic of Albania or in the legal framework of the Municipality of Vlore. The only requirement is to vent the LFG gas in order to avoid the risk of explosion.

Applied methodology

AMS-III.G – "Landfill methane recovery"

GHG offset

It is estimated that the project will reduce app. 65.000 tCO2eq for the period 2008-2018


The following non-GHG related environmental benefits have been identified as a result of the project:

  • The project will increase the safety on the dump  site due to reduced risks of explosion or poisoning through an uncontrolled migration of LFG;
  • The project will result in reduced pollution of ground water resources due to promotions of capping activities;
  • The project will reduce obnoxious smells inside and outside the dump site area;
  • The project will provide employment of staff during the construction.

Current status

Winner of tender process:
Sea – Società energetica aostana (www.seaenergia.com) in partnership with Ronc, Asws, Icssea and Techne

Estimated investment cost

Around 300.000 € (including costs for design, civil works, equipment, and CDM cost).

Local Partners

Municipality of Vlore.


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