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Eco Factor: Sustainable housing complex utilizes wind energy for power.

The rise in population demands houses to live in, which need to be sustainable and green in every respect so as to reduce the burden on the environment and the already scarce natural resources. While prefabricated housing seems to be a plausible answer to the problem, designers are working on ways to reduce the ground footprint of modern skyscrapers, which use prefabricated modules as apartments.

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Adil Azhiyev and Ivan Kudryavtsev have tried to mimic trees in their design for a modern residential skyscraper, dubbed the T-Tree. The T-Tree is a social housing project where the core of the tree carries the elevator shafts and the stairs and the branches are made up of prefabricated modules serving as the residential units.

t tree_3

The structure can carry cubic apartments each with a side of 3m. The structural drawings enable easy replacement, replacing or addition of new modules to the existing structure. The modules will be made from recycled materials and carry built-in facilities, furniture, toilets and shower units.

t tree_4

The top of the structure will carry additional modules, which will house wind turbines to provide up to 25% of the energy requirement of the skyscraper.

Via: Re-Burbia