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Le Havre, labelled sustainable city

Le Havre, labelled sustainable city
On June 8th 2009, the French city of Le Havre received the label «Terre Durable » (Sustainable Earth) for a duration of 2 years.

Le Havre, Energie-Cités’ member since 2008, is the second French city of more than 100.000 inhabitants, that has submitted itself to an external assessment process of its public policies in the field of sustainable development. Consultants from the Arcet Notation Agency have proceeded to numerous interviews and conducted a documentary analysis in order to fill in a battery of 141 indicators shared out in 11 domains. As a result of the obtained data, a mark has been given by domain, from 1 (for the best) to 5 (for the least good). The marks average, has allowed Le Havre to be positioned A++ on a scale going from AAA to D, which ranks its local actions at the "sustainable development" quality level.

Source : City of Le Havre

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