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Green elements in Member States' recovery plans assessed

Green elements in Member States  recovery plans assessed

Almost at the same time, the European Commission and the European Green Party have published reports on the efficiency of green measures included in the Member States’ recovery plans.

The European Commission’s so-called « Non paper » assesses to which extent green investments have been taken into account in the national recovery plans implemented in 2009. The “green” share of these plans varies from 1,3% in Italie to 13% in Germany – but it seems that this is also a matter of definition!

To know which types of green measures have been included in the anti-crisis plans, download the document

In parallel, this month, The Greens have published a report titled “« A Green New Deal for Europe - Towards green modernization in the face of crisis ». The report shows that the European Union and its Member States have many ingredients to deliver an effective Green New Deal. However, as so often, what is lacking is political determination and leadership. The authors take stock of the current situation and identify the most suitable areas, the main levers and best practices for a Green New Deal in the EU 27. One particular chapter is dedicated to the problems and challenges in energy policy

Download the document here

See also the last issue of Energie-Cités INFO on municipalities facing the crisis

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