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Växjö and Heidelberg formulate respective energy strategies

Växjö and Heidelberg formulate respective energy strategies

Växjö and Heidelberg, our members and signatories of the Covenant of Mayors, are both actively pursuing unique energy strategies. While Heidelberg has come together with the Metropolitan Region Rhein-Neckar to discuss a regional energy strategy; Växjö has committed to reducing CO2 emission by 70% per capita and has drafted a plan to make the city 100% free of fossil fuels.

Växjö presents inspiring long-term energy strategy

The City of Växjö, part of the Energie-Cités Board of Members, signed the Covenant in October 2008. It has committed to reduce its fossil carbon dioxide emissions by 70% per capita by 2025, in comparison to 1993 levels. In addition, the City has formulated a long-term plan for a completely fossil fuel free Växjö as presented in our IMAGINE exhibition (www.imagineyourenergyfuture.eu). As early as 1996, politicians in Växjö unanimously agreed upon the long-term vision for a fossil fuel free city. The goal covers the entire geographical area, meaning that all inhabitants, companies, NGOs and public authorities have to contribute. Great results can already be seen - between 1993 and 2008, the CO2 emissions per capita were reduced by 35%.

Heidelberg: regional networking to go beyond the Covenant objectives

On the 2nd of October 2009, mayors of municipalities located in the Metropolitan Region Rhein-Neckar met to discuss a regional strategy to tackle climate change. This event, a common initiative of the Mayor of Heidelber and President of Energie-Cités, Mr Eckart Würzner and Mr Stefan Dallinger, Director of the Metropolitan Region Rhein-Neckar, can be considered as the beginning of a new and unique regional cooperation in the field of climate protection in Rhein-Neckar. The Covenant of Mayors, signed by Heidelberg in July 2008, was high on the Agenda and the Mayor of Heidelberg invited his peers from other municipalities to sign up to the initiative.

The involvement of the Metropolitan Region as a Supporting Structure of the Covenant was also brought up for debate by the Mayor of Heidelberg. Such a Supporting Structure would provide strategic, technical and financial guidance for the municipalities of the Metropolitan Region Rhein-Neckar.

Energie-Cités, who is an official Supporting Structure itself, welcomes this initiative and invites further European regions to follow this example!

Further information on committed cities and the Covenant of Mayors on www.energie-cites.eu

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