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Two first Green Capitals sign joint declaration.

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Two first Green Capitals sign joint declaration.

Stockholm (European Green Capital 2010) and Hamburg (European Green Capital 2011) have signed a joint declaration to support each other and achieve common goals.

The joint declaration is signed by the Mayor of Hamburg, Ole von Beust, and Vice Mayor of Stockholm, Ulla Hamilton. They state that the environmental policy of the two cities shall set an example for the cities of Europe to launch a cross-European exchange of experts and best practices. Furthermore, the environmental policy of the two cities should involve citizens on environmental issues and promote the European Green Capital award. The signatories agree to support each other and will strive to achieve common goals as European Green Capitals. As a first step they will establish cooperation in the following fields.

Five fields of cooperation

1. In the near future, the two cities will identify and develop a strong focus on common areas of cooperation for environmental and climate protection.

2. The cooperation is designed to increase awareness of the European Green
Capital title. In this regard, development of a joint position as European Green Capital
for dialogue with the EU Commission shall be examined and promoted.

3. The two cities will inform each other of their respective European Green Capital activities, and examine the possible involvement of each other in projects, events, marketing and communications schemes.

4. Each party shall appoint a contact person for the implementation of these tasks

5. The agreement between the two cities covers the years 2010 and 2011. In the case of joint projects, the time frame may be extended.

Networking meeting during COP 15

Cooperation among Europe's leading green cities is being strengthened in other ways too. In December, Hamburg and Stockholm will meet with the other six finalists who competed for the European Green Capital awards of 2010 and 2011. The eight cities will take part in a networking session during the COP 15 in Copenhagen in December.

At the meeting, the participants will exchange best practices and ideas. The meeting is a follow up to a similar networking meeting which took place in Brussels in February this year.

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