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Co je projekt AEGOS? (What is AEGOS project?)

Co je projekt AEGOS? (What is AEGOS project?)

The AEGOS project aims at setting-up the preparatory phase for the building of an information system containing and making accessible data and knowledge on African geological resources including mineral resources, raw material, groundwater and energy (georesources). This information is/has been collected through numerous initiatives by both African countries, regional, international and European organisations collectively, and is a unique archive of Africa related geoscientific observation data which primarily need to be shared with African partners. Developing capacity building activities in the domain of Earth observation in developing countries is a priority.

AEGOS is a Support Action of the European Union 7 th Framework Programme. It is actually the preparatory phase of a pan-African observation system including the information and knowledge so far collected and future acquisitions regarding georesources in Africa. The information system will be based on a distributed architecture with local and Internet access. The management of the intellectual propriety rights on the data sets will be addressed.

The main objectives of AEGOS project are the definition of:

  • operational procedures for data management (spatial data infrastructure, metadata and data),
  • user-oriented products and services including the preparation of innovative spin-off projects,
  • the African-European partners network: strengthening and development,
  • a geoscience contribution to GEOSS, in the context of the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE).

Project duration: December 2008 - May 2011.


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