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Zpravodaj Science for Environment Policy

Zpravodaj Science for Environment Policy
Support eco-innovation by communicating future markets
A recent analysis of the barriers to eco-innovation has indicated that uncertainty about future market demand for innovation holds back commercialisation of eco-innovations. Policy could solve this problem cost-effectively by helping communicate future market needs to innovators, which could bring together public and private purchasers to indicate future demand.(more...)
A hydrogen future: clean and cool?
A new study suggests that widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel could have major benefits for tackling climate change and air pollution. The researchers modelled the impacts of replacing petrol with hydrogen as a fuel for cars and claim their methods, which employ a new modelling tool, could be useful in planning and policymaking.(more...)
Getting the most from substance flow analyses
New research from Sweden identifies the characteristics of substance flow analyses that make them useful to policy makers. Substance flow analyses that focus on measuring rather than modelling pollution and which are aligned to existing measures are more likely to influence policy. (more...)
Urgent need to reduce vulnerability in least developed countries
Vulnerability to climate change is likely to rise faster in the least developed countries over the next two decades than it will do in the three decades after 2030, according to a new study. Researchers suggest that this signifies an imminent need for greater international financial assistance.(more...)
Reducing fish discards: recommendations for successful pilot projects
New research has shed light on the factors needed to successfully implement pilot projects designed to reduce the dumping of unwanted fish by fishermen. The analysis of 15 European projects highlights the importance of involving the fishing industry in developing and implementing pilot projects.(more...)
Fire prevention in the intersection between wildland and urban areas
As agricultural land is abandoned and urban landscapes spread, the area where wildland and urban areas meet is growing, potentially increasing the risk of wildfires. A recent study proposes a new method to characterise and map large areas of wildland-urban interfaces as a tool for fire prevention and land management.(more...)
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