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Krátce z Bulharska

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Krátce z Bulharska

Construction on the new waste recycle depot in the northern Bulgarian town of Pleven will cost up to 25 million euro, town mayor Naiden Zelenogorski, was quoted as saying by Stroitestvo Gradut weekly on March 15 2010.

The report said that, in accordance with European Commission legislation, in parallel with the waste treatment facility, a compost installation must also be built. Accordingly, the Pleven municipality will have not only a waste treatment centre but also a compost factory.

Compost is a mixture of decomposed plant and animal materials and other organic matter undergoing decomposition largely through aerobic process into a rich black soil. The process of composting is simple and practised by individuals in their homes and farmers on their land as well as by industries and cities.

The new facility is poised to serve six municipalities in total - Pleven, Pordim, Dolni Dubnik, Dolna Mitropolia, Goulyantsi and Iskar. The project's planning is expected to last about six months, during which period the construction company and the firm tasked with guarding the site will be selected.

According to Stroitelstvo Gradut, other depot projects in Pleven, Pazarjik and Vidin are being developed simultaneously. The consulting company is the Belgian-Italian-Bulgarian consortium Ecolas N.V.\Renco SpA\EPC - KOC Ltd.

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