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Rozvoj MHD v Beogradu po r. 2000

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Rozvoj MHD v Beogradu po r. 2000

In 2001, the process of accelerated system revitalization was continued. An average of 527 vehicles were in operation with constant upward tendency.

o 131 new buses were purchased from IKARBUS, 27 buses arrived as a donation from foreign governments and 12 trams with 21 tram trailers, were given as a gift from the Swiss Government. For the first time two articulated TROLZA trolleybuses were purchased.

o The cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was established for obtaining loans for the purchase of new vehicles, equipment and tools. Furthermore, the Government of Japan expressed its willingness to donate new buses to Belgrade.

o During 2002 the tendency of establishing lines, which had been abolished in the period of crisis, was continued as well as the tendency of permanent rise in number of vehicles in operation, what was the most important task of all. An average of 642 vehicles on 124 lines were put in operation on workdays.

o 83 buses and 10 trolleybuses were purchased from the budget of the Town Assembly. 11 trams arrived as a donation of the Government of Switzerland and 2 trolleybuses were granted from Austrian Government. Modernization and overhauling of 30 trams were stipulated. The decision on introducing again the system for semi-automatic fare collection by the ticket canceller was made.

o Further cooperation with the Government of Japan, in regard to the vehicles donation project.

o During 2003, GSP "Belgrade" renewed its fleet considerably and improved conditions for maintenance of vehicles.

o The project of the grant-in-aid of the Government of Japan in vehicles, equipment and tools, was realized on March 6 th 2003 upon the award of 93 modern, MAN buses whose putting into operation has improved the system of transportation a lot. With its outlook and comfort they've become synonym for comfortable and reliable transportation of the people in Belgrade.

o Besides these, 35 MERCEDES buses were purchased with the funds financed out of the EBRD credit while 40 IK-103 buses, 19 FAP buses and 11 TROLZA trolleybuses were financed out of the City Assembly budget.

o Italian Government donated 6 FIAT-IVEKO buses, while the City of Basel (Switzerland) donated 5 trams.

o Eight new lines more have been introduced so the total number of lines amounts to 132. On workdays, around 860 vehicles is put into operation what stands for the guarantee of an efficient public transportation system.

o Further increase in the scope of transportation work, vehicles' maintenance and renewing the fleet is being planned in 2004.

o An engagement of 1000 vehicles in transportation on workdays (150 trams, 103 trolleybuses and 747 buses) is also being planned in 2004. It is expected an encrease of 30% in the scope of transportation (in car/km) in 2004 in comparison to 2003 as well as improvement of quality, reliability, punctuality and comfort.

Photos on: http://www.gsp.rs/english/photogallery.htm

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