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Navštivte vídeňské tramvajové muzeum (Visit the tramway museum at Vienna)

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Navštivte vídeňské tramvajové muzeum (Visit the tramway museum at Vienna)

The Vienna Tram Museum

The Vienna Tram Museum is home to a great number of historically, technically and operationally valuable original vehicles formerly used in the city's tram, commuter-train and bus system.

The 100 original vehicles currently on show are complemented by a comprehensive documentation comprised of photographs, drawings and other documents, which is continuously added to in order to better inform the public.

Photo: Wien.gv.at
Photo: Wien.gv.at

The vehicles exhibited are a true treat for all visitors, no matter whether interested laypersons or experts steeped in tram lore:

A horse-driven trolley from 1868, a steam tram set from 1885/1886 as well as the entire range of electrified tram and commuter-train cars for passenger traffic and auxiliary services from 1901 to 1969.

The bus collection is composed of vehicles built between 1949 and 1978: standard buses, double-deckers and articulated buses.

The Vienna Tram Museum takes up the four car sheds of the former tram depot and marshalling yard of Erdberg. The total exhibition surface is 7,500 m^2; the vehicles are exhibited on 1,810 metres of tracks.

The Vienna Tram Museum is therefore the world's biggest tram museum exclusively concerned with documenting the history of public transport in one single city - the City of Vienna.

Since practically all vehicles are kept in perfect working order, they may be used on special occasions for parties or other celebrations. For this purpose, the vehicles are continuously maintained in a separate workshop, which is located in part of Shed I on 900 m^2 of surface, with 232 metres of tracks.

The Vienna Tram Museum may be visited from early May to early October on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2009 season: From 2 May to 4 October

Vienna Tram Museum
3rd municipal district, Ludwig-Koessler-Platz
Postal address: 1030 Vienna, Erdbergstrasse 109
Phone: ++43 1 7909 41800
Fax: ++43 1 7909 41809
e-mail: The Vienna Tram Museum

ZDROJ: Viener Linien

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