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Sustainable Energy Europe News

Sustainable Energy Europe News

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011 gearing up

It's time to get into the starting blocks for next year's EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), Europe's key event for a more sustainable energy future. Between 11 and 15 April 2011 hundreds of events organised in Brussels and throughout Europe will showcase, promote, discuss and celebrate energy efficiency and renewable energy. EUSEW 2011 will put energy efficiency firmly into the spotlight. For further press enquiries, please contact Kostas Mastakas at kma@mostra.com or call +32 2 333 59 55. For general questions, please contact the EUSEW Secretariat at eusew@sustenergy.org

Sustainable energy inspires art and goodwill

Solar Solidarity, a Campaign Associate of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign since 2008, continues to highlight the link between sustainable energy, art and good causes. Solar Solidarity´s latest exhibition was held in Brussels on 22 June, consisting of an inauguration of a permanent display of dancing solar flowers at Belgium´s well-known paediatric hospital "Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola" (HUDERF). The solar flowers, an original creation by the artist Alexandre Dang, are produced and sold by Solar Solidarity. The dancing flower is a moving, decorative gadget that is powered by a small solar PV cell. When displayed in big groups, dancing solar flowers show - on a small but illustrative scale - the enormous potential that solar energy has in our society. Solar Solidarity regularly exhibits solar flower "fields" in order to raise awareness of the potential of solar energy and to obtain funds for projects on solar electrification in developing countries. For more information, please visit www.solarsoliarity.org or write to: anda@solarsolidarity.org

ZERO Race: around the world in 80 days - 21 August 2010, Brussels

The ZERO Race is an 80 day race around the world using fully electric-powered cars, running on 100% renewable energies. The Brussels-Capital Region, with the support of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign will host the arrival of this zero emissions race in Brussels on 21 August. The ZERO Race is very much about showing realistic ways towards a cleaner and greener future. For more information, please contact Louis Palmer, Zero Race Tour Director at louis.palmer@zero-race.com, tel.: +41 79 3438801 and/or Pierre-Lo"ic Nihoul, Public Relations Manager of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign at pln@sustenergy.org, tel.: +32 2 333 59 51

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