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Argentina - to je lithium

Argentina - to je lithium

Bez lithia se dnes neobejde ani elektronika, baterie, ani vojenská technika. podívejmes e proto trochu blíže na jedno ložisko lithia v Argentině.

Sal de Vida Brine Project Overview

The flagship Sal de Vida Lithium Brine Project is located at Salar del Hombre Muerto, the only commercial lithium-producing salar in Argentina and the source of more than 16% of the world's production of lithium.

The brines in production at FMC Corporation's adjacent operation are peerless with respect to lithium grade and process chemistry. Lithium One's sampling continues to reveal similar grade and brine chemistry.

The Company controls more than 365 sq km of land, where an aggressive program is well underway, systematically de-risking the project and advancing towards the timely development of a low-cost source of lithium for a rapidly evolving market.

Current Exploration:
To date surface sampling has been completed over approximately one third of the Company's land holdings. Analytical results bring the cumulative average values over more than 225 km2 of near-surface brine to 765 mg/L (650 ppm) lithium, 8,976 mg/L (0.76 %) potassium, and a magnesium to lithium ratio of 1.77.

Location and Geology:
Lithium One has options to acquire over 365 square kilometres, or the majority of the eastern portion of the 600 square kilometre Hombre Muerto salar. The western half of the salar is the site of Argentina's only commercial scale lithium mining operation, Fénix, owned by Minera del Altiplano, a subsidiary of FMC Corporation. The 2008 production from the Fénix operation represented nearly 14% of the total world production of lithium metal.

While the adjacent property has been in production for lithium since 1997, the eastern half of the Salar del Hombre Muerto has been controlled by parties focused only on surface borate exploration and production. The Sal de Vida project is the first lithium brine exploration and development project on the eastern half of the salar.

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