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A green economy for a cleaner, fairer world

Environmentální účetnictví
A green economy for a cleaner, fairer world

The current economic and environmental crisis tells us that the time is ripe for governments around the world to implement a new kind of economy, which is resilient, sustainable, operates within the limits of our planet's resources and creates a fairer society.

New measures of sustainable progress needed to improve well-being
New, broader indicators of social progress are needed for a greener economy and more equal society, according to a leading report, which highlights the inability of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to measure sustained well-being. Among the report's recommendations, indicators should be implemented which measure 'stocks' of natural resources, to help ensure well-being for future generations. Download article (PDF)

Beyond GDP: new measures of progress for a green economy
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was designed to measure economic activity, yet it is increasingly used as a measure of national well-being. A new report highlights the growing need for alternative measures of progress, appropriate for a greener economy, and outlines current options that better reflect national well-being. Download article (PDF)

What are the impacts of zero growth?
A new study has considered the impacts of two zero growth scenarios: capping resource consumption and capping wealth creation. It indicates that preventing growth in the sense of capping the consumption of resources could be achieved without causing major economic problems, whereas capping the creation of wealth may create significant social tensions and hardships. Download article (PDF)

Policy support for green transition could create millions of jobs
A report commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) provides recommendations for policymakers designed to smooth the transition to a greener economy and create green employment. The report suggests sectors, such as renewable energy and sustainable buildings, could create new jobs for millions of people. Download article (PDF)

A global green economy can help meet Millennium Development Goals
A new UN report highlights the integral role of a green economy in attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially the goal of halving the number in extreme poverty. A greener economy can provide opportunities for employment and growth, and address the link between environmental degradation and poverty. Download article (PDF)

Green stimulus packages: a difficult balancing act
The effects of 'green stimulus' measures can vary considerably, according to a World Bank study. Overall, the analysis indicated a trade-off between short- and long-term effects, where programmes with large positive impacts on short-term employment and the environment tend to have less positive effects on long-term growth. Download article (PDF)

Strong global governance is essential to developing the green economy
Despite the multitude of global environmental agencies and programmes, the environmental commons continue to deteriorate. A recent review suggests the reason for this lies in our historical reluctance to limit growth. For a successful global green economy to develop, a programme overseen by a world environment organisation may be necessary to limit material and energy use and waste streams. Download article (PDF)
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