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Nový styl: Irisbus Crealis

Urbánní ekologie
Nový styl: Irisbus Crealis

Irisbus Iveco, a leading player in the public transport sector, has always provided its customers with innovative vehicles capable of boosting the appeal of their BRT buses. Crealis is a prime example of the manufacturer's commitment to delivering vehicles which meet the expectations for BRT lines : a distinctive personality, perfect ease of access thanks to an optical guidance system for docking, unparalleled comfort for passengers and a bright interior.

Based on the design of its predecessor, Citelis, Crealis stands out thanks to a front end available in two distinctive styles, Crealis and Crealis Neo, and an even more fluid profile. The interior features have been completely revamped, from the shape of the lights to the choice of materials for the seats, flat screen monitors and wooden hand rails.

Crealis sets a new standard in the world of urban public transport. With its strong identity, this vehicle can also be equipped with options chosen by the operator. Crealis is manufactured on the same production lines as Citelis and is similar from a technical point of view. Crealis can be operated in the same way as a conventional bus.

Technical data:http://www.irisbus.com/en-us/PRODUCTS/Documents/Crealis_Data%20Sheet.pdf

http://www.irisbus.com/_catalogs/masterpage/IvecoPopupImage.aspx?imageLink=/en-us/PRODUCTS/PublishingImages/CREALIS-AccessFRONT-02 LD1.jpg

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