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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Precautionary principle should be applied to shale gas
According to UK researchers, caution must be taken in the use of shale gas until more is known about its environmental impacts. Using US data, they estimated the additional emissions associated with the extraction of gas from shale compared to that of conventional sources and highlighted concerns from the US that extraction could bring significant risks of ground and surface water contamination. Download article (PDF)

Reinforced concrete more liable to damage under climate change
Higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and temperatures under climate change are likely to increase the rate of corrosive damage in reinforced concrete structures, according to a recent study. This could result in costly repairs in the future, unless structures are suitably adapted. Download article (PDF)

Policy transfer must occur within, as well as between, countries
New research has investigated the possibility of transferring policy between EU Member States. It studied the outcomes of an EU-funded project that aimed to integrate land use planning and transport management across Europe, and identified barriers to transfer, which included language, differing planning traditions and difficulties in systematically adopting a policy across a nation. The study also highlights a role for EU projects in beginning the process of policy transfer. Download article (PDF)

Integrated assessment tracks fisheries' conservation success
A recent study suggests that a single integrative assessment of marine fisheries can be used to monitor progress against several different marine environmental policies. It used a relative ecological risk model to demonstrate how closing marine protected sites to trawlers and reducing trawling to maximum sustainable yield (MSY) levels would allow fisheries to meet the ecological objectives of both the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the Habitats Directive. Download article (PDF)

Improving REACH tests for estimating chemical toxic risks
The official criteria used to assess how easily a chemical is taken up by biological organisms, known as the bioaccumulation potential, are considered reliable for most types of chemical. However, according to a new analysis, the criteria need updating to include uptake from contaminated sediment and food in order to reflect the realistic bioaccumulation risk for all chemicals. Download article (PDF)

Applying the ecosystem approach to forest biodiversity
Despite being high on the political agenda, biodiversity is still declining. A new analysis has focused on forest biodiversity in Finland, Russia and Peru and concluded that a global ecosystem approach can make a link between human and ecological systems but bottom-up initiatives are needed to effectively put the concept into action. Download article (PDF)
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