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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Urban green space responds rapidly to policy change
Urban planning policy has had a powerful influence on the amount of green space in cities, according to a recent UK study. It found that a change in planning policy in 2000 led to a decline in urban green space in nine cities between 2001 and 2006, although the amount of green space in all but one of the cities studied has increased overall since 1991. Download article (PDF)

Possible impact of climate change and fish farming on Atlantic salmon
A combination of climate change and the introduction of farmed salmon into wild populations is shaping regional genetic patterns of Atlantic salmon in northern Spain. This is the conclusion of new research that has attempted to disentangle the importance of these two factors on regional populations. Download article (PDF)

A new decision-making tool for conservation managers
A tool to help conservation managers prioritise their actions to protect wildlife has been developed. The tool, based on a mathematical model, can provide guidance on conserving endangered species as well as dealing with pests and diseases. It may help conservation managers understand how best to use their limited resources Download article (PDF)

Five ethical principles to guide biofuels policy
A new report on biofuels by the UK's Nuffield Council on Bioethics has produced a set of five ethical principles to guide the development of biofuels technology and policy. It recommends applying these principles to create comprehensive standards to ensure that biofuels address, rather than exacerbate, global problems. Download article (PDF)

New approaches needed to evaluate active travel policies
A new analysis has indicated that policies to encourage active travel, such as walking and cycling, lead to a large but complex range of health benefits. However, it is not always possible to tell which policy has had which specific impact. The study argues for improved approaches to evaluating travel policy that consider indirect policy impacts. Download article (PDF)

Lessons for integrating tourism into sustainable rural development
Rural areas are changing, with tourism playing an ever greater part in a multifunctional countryside. A recent study has looked at the role that sustainable rural tourism can play in rural development in Europe and some of the challenges to be overcome if a truly integrated approach to rural development is to be realised. Download article (PDF)
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