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Čínské hybridní autobusy brázdí silnice v Kodani (China hybrid buses in Copenhagen)

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Čínské hybridní autobusy brázdí silnice v Kodani (China hybrid buses in Copenhagen)

BYD Auto and the Danish public transport agency, Movia, reached an agreement on March 2011 to field-test two all-electric K9 buses in Copenhagen, according to Xinhua. If everything goes well, the K9 will formally join the city´s bus fleet in the second half of 2012.

In China, the K9 has since January 2011 been serving the public of two cities in a trial program: Changsha, Hunan, where it is made, and Shenzhen, Guangdong, where BYD is based.

1200mm long, 2550mm wide, and 3300mm tall, the K9 has a wheelbase of 6200mm, a curb weight of 18,000kg, a rated capacity of 32 passengers (including the driver), and a low-floor design for easy access. The lithium-ion (LiFePO4) batteries on board, which can be recharged to a limited extent by the solar panels installed on the roof, power two rear wheel-hub motors, each putting out a maximum of 90kW of power and 550Nm of torque.

The K9 max. spedd is 70km/h, and cover 250km on one charge under normal driving conditions in cities. The range can increase to 300km if air conditioners are off. A complete recharge takes about 6 hours; the fast mode can replenish the batteries to 50% full in 30 minutes.

Each K9bus is said to sell for about 2 million Yuan in China before incentives and subsidies are applied.

ZDROJ:www.chinaautoweb.com, kráceno

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