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Bombardier Monorail - netradiční řešení dopravy v urbanizovaném prostoru

Urbánní ekologie
Bombardier Monorail - netradiční řešení dopravy v urbanizovaném prostoru

INNOVIA Monorail is the world's first fully automated and driverless, medium capacity urban monorail system. Quiet and streamlined, the monorail fits ideally into mixed-use urban corridors. With space-age composite bodies that are very strong but extremely light, additional benefits include reduced infrastructure impacts, low energy consumption and enhanced system performance.

Unlike other urban monorails, Bombardier's INNOVIA Monorail 200 vehicles do not have heavy rail-type "bogies," which means they never require the bogies to be removed from the frame. This greatly simplifies maintenance by eliminating the need for costly and inefficient vehicle lifts, pits and heavy-duty overhead cranes. In addition, by using a unit repair philosophy similar to that used on jet aircraft, in combination with ease of accessibility for technicians, maintainability is significantly enhanced. The straddle monorail design yields an extremely clean operating environment because the narrow guidebeams do not collect debris.

By far the lightest weight intermediate capacity technology, the monorail trains permit smaller, less obtrusive and easier-to-construct aerial guideway structures. This is the only fully proven urban transit technology that uses slender, 66-cm (26-in.) wide guidebeams, which both guide the vehicle and provide its structural support. The pre-cast, post-tensioned elevated guideway structure is constructed off-site to permit exceptionally quick assembly on location.

The monorail technology incorporates the design and operational features required for rigorous urban line-haul service, including full automation, emergency evacuation walkways, high-speed guideway switching, bi-directional operation and compliance with urban transit safety standards.

Beneath the sleek, space-age monorail styling, standard transit components include:

  • energy efficient ac propulsion motors
  • redundant high-capacity air-conditioning units
  • hard-wearing, high-mileage tires
  • heavy-duty transit-type brakes
  • safety wheels for load and steering tires
  • sophisticated train health-monitoring system

Photos :http://www.bombardier.com/en/transportation/products-services/rail-vehicles/automated-monorails?docID=0901260d8000a7e4

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