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Motory Snecma Silvercrest pro snížení spotřeby letadel

Motory Snecma Silvercrest pro snížení spotřeby letadel

Silvercrest has excellent prospects for large and long-range business jets that will enter service starting at the end of 2014. Snecma is continuing to invest in the new-generation Silvercrest powerplant. It will develop from 9,500 to 12,000 pounds of thrust, making it ideal for upcoming large and long-range business jets.

With Silvercrest, Snecma gives both airframers and operators its best-in-class technologies, based on its long-standing expertise in military aircraft engines, as well as 36 years of experience within the CFM joint venture (GE and Snecma) for the best-selling CFM56 commercial aero-engine.

In 2008, the Silvercrest demonstrator was completely disassembled for inspection after more than 80 hours of operation up to takeoff maximum speed and temperature redline. Snecma´s experts analyzed the test results and assessed the integrity of all core components. Results confirmed the excellent thermomechanical performance of the core. Not only did the engine perform as expected, but the thorough analysis showed results that exceeded Snecma´s expectations.

The successful series of core demonstrator tests show that Silvercrest will deliver performance even better than the initial goal of 15% fuel burn improvement over current engines in the same thrust range, and 50% NOx margin versus the ICAO´s CAEP/6 standard. Silvercrest also aims to reduce noise up to 20 EPNdB versus Stage 4.

Snecma has also been collecting extensive customer input, fully reflecting the essential role of product support in the overall customer experience.


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