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Rusko: Hromadná doprava v Moskvě

Urbánní ekologie
Rusko: Hromadná doprava v Moskvě

Moscow has a well-developed urban transport network. Surface transport (buses, trolleybuses, tramways) with length of lines over 2000 km carries over 5.5 million of passengers per day. Daily handling capacity of Moscow underground which is the most popular type of transport in the capital city is over 9.5 million passengers.

Moscow underground always was a pride of Moscowers. This is a quickest, most reliable and inexpensive way to get to every place in the capital. Moscow underground is famous for its architecture and history. Every visitor of Moscow goes down to "underground palace" clad in granite and marble to admire mosaic, sculptures and stained-glass windows.

Buses in Moscow is the most popular and most commonly used type of transport after underground. First buses appeared in the city before the Revolution of 1917, nowadays 18 bus fleets operate over one thousand of various routes. Modern comfortable buses can carry you not only to every place in the city but also to Moscow suburbs.

Nowadays Moscow´s trolleybus network is the most branched network in the world. Trolleybus is an economical and environmentally friendly type of transport. Under circumstances of a huge and transport-overloaded megapolis it has obvious advantages.

Tramway is the slowest but at the same time most environmentally friendly type of surface transport. Only few tramway routes remained until now in the centre of Moscow. On weekend it is nice to make a sightseeing trip through the old city sitting at the window in the tramway No. 39 or in the famous "Annushka".

We can hardly imagine the life of a big city without taxi. Meetings an d seeings-off at railway stations and airports, shopping, late coming home, trips in unknown cities. Taxi is the part of our life. Nowadays in Moscow are officially working about 5000 taxi services.

More on:http://moscow.ru/en/guide/trip_planning/inner_transport/transport/

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