zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

Krátký pohled na odpadové hospodářství ve vzdáleném Bhútánu

Krátký pohled na odpadové  hospodářství ve vzdáleném Bhútánu

1) Greener Way is a passion born out of our team in order to maintain and preserve our environment understanding the negative effects and impacts on our environment due to rapid developmental activities. We have been in operation from March 8, 2010.

Our vision is to maintain a clean and green Bhutan and try to be a part of the solution to the global climate change concerns and effects. As of now, we are involved in collection, segregation and disposal of wastes . Along with our pursuit of a clean Bhutan, we are striving to promote the concept of 4 Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). We also try to participate during national disasters like forest fire and other environmental related cause and activities. Our goal is to help our Government in combating the environmental issues to the best of our abilities by participating in Public-Private Partnerships in future.

We also aim to reduce such landfill sites in Bhutan as much as possible which is responsible for health hazards and which destroy our nature´s beauty and aesthetics.

We seek support from everyone to fulfill our dream of a clean and green Bhutan.

Request to the online visitors:
Therefore, we would like to seek your valued support in this regard. These wastes which are usually dumped in Memeylakha landfill site can now be sent for recycling thereby reducing the mounting waste disposal in our landfill sites. We all contribute towards proper waste management practices by segregating wastes right at your households. You may dump your kitchen (organic) wastes and recyclable wastes separately. Greener Way will be happy to buy your wastes. Without your valued support, our dream of being a part of the solution to our ecological problem will remain a failure. Greener Way is the solution for your waste.


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Gyeltshen Drukpa is the Chief Environment Officer of the Thimphu City Corporation. He shares with Business Bhutan´s Tshering Youden on tips to keep the city green and manage household waste

1. Public awareness

Awareness regarding waste management is very important. For the Thimphu city, we have a system in place for waste management but we cannot say it is a perfect system. The TCC spends huge amounts of money every year to collect and transport waste from the city to the landfill. Therefore, TCC requests all residents to make optimum use of the limited services provided by the city for waste collection.

2. Reduce

Before buying any consumer products? Ask yourself:

o Do I really need it?

o Do I need to use that much?

o Can I maintain or repair it?

o Is there a less wasteful alternative?

o How long will it last?

o Do I know the environmental impacts of this?

3. Reuse

o Use cloth bags or basket while shopping instead of paper or plastic bags.

o Initiate principles of renting/loaning product for use by many different people.

o Buy durable, reusable and good quality products (eg. Rechargeable batteries).

o Reuse bottles to collect milk, oil or to store boiled and filtered water.

o Use big oil bottles as flower pots.

4. Recycle

Once we cannot reuse something, we can still recycle our waste. One example is the activities of waste pickers who collect dozens of recyclable waste from the landfill and households. One very good example is the work carried out by Greener Way, which collects paper waste.

5. Community participation

Community participation is very important in waste management. In many countries, community participation makes the waste management system sustainable. The TCC has been trying to get our communities onboard in the waste management system and few rounds of meetings and discussions have also taken place. TCC has also conducted several awareness programs in schools and business communities from Sunday market in Thimphu which included a short excursion to the landfill in Memilakha.

6. Appropriate rules

The requirement of appropriate policy, act and rules are important to have a proper system of waste management. No matter how much awareness is carried out, there will be people who want to violate the rules. The TCC will draft appropriate rules which will provide details of the roles and responsibilities of the public.

7. Motivation

Everyone has to be motivated to keep our city clean. TCC is mandated to manage waste in the city, however without the cooperation and support from every individual in the city, TCC cannot fulfill the mandate of maintaining the city clean.

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