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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Gardens benefit bees and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes
Gardens are good for biodiversity, according to a study of intensively managed farmland in Sweden. The study has found that abundance and species richness of pollinating bees is higher near domestic gardens, with the pollination of a native plant also greater at these sites. Domestic gardens play a role in complementing `natural´ habitats for pollinators in impoverished environments.
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Improving flash flood risk management for Europe
An analysis of flash flood forecasting in Europe has produced recommendations for emergency planners and others to improve flood risk management in vulnerable regions. In particular, the researchers recommend improved data collection and sharing, a common European policy for flash flood forecasting, and that local risk management recognises the specific challenges presented by flash floods.
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Fracking: a serious concern for surface water as well as groundwater
While the ecological impact of shale gas exploration and extraction on groundwater has received considerable attention, the implications for surface water and terrestrial ecosystems is often overlooked, according to a new US study. Although more data are needed, preliminary results suggest that regulations based on proximity to surface water could be necessary to protect valuable ecosystems.
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Deer culls are not effective for forest protection
Hunting is not an effective tool for reducing damage caused by deer to managed forests in Europe, according to a recent assessment. Forests will be better protected through 'close-to-nature' management techniques, says the study, which evaluated the effects of different control mechanisms on deer populations and behaviour, including the influence of wild predators, such as wolves, and forest structures.
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Waste legislation will affect emissions from waste incineration
Recently adopted EU waste legislation and its implementation at national level could have a significant effect on some countries´ emission loads for municipal solid waste incinerators, according to a recent study. The study suggests that the effects of increasing incineration over the next decade would be most profound for countries where incineration is currently only used on a small scale.
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A behaviour and attitude-changing two-step PES scheme in Peru
A two-stage payment for ecosystem services (PES) scheme that first changes public behaviour and attitudes towards conservation before implementing payments would be more effective than a community conservation approach or a single-stage PES scheme, according to a recent study. This approach was found to be successful for a forest conservation project in Peru.
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