zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

DAF zvyšuje svoje úsilí o ochranu životního prostředí

Ekologická auta
DAF zvyšuje svoje úsilí o ochranu životního prostředí

Reduction of environmental impact

We are aware that we must ensure that our processes and products have as little impact on the environment as possible. Just as we continue to work on increasing our quality and efficiency even further, we are also working to further reduce the environmental impact of our activities continuously. For instance, in Eindhoven water from a nearby canal is used for cooling our production installations instead of high quality drinking water. And in our new state-of-the-art engine testing lab, advanced electrical engine brakes are used. This makes it possible to generate enough electricity to provide up to 20% of the demand of our factories in Eindhoven. Both the production facilities in The Netherlands and Belgium meet `zero waste to landfill´, meaning that no waste is disposed to landfill, but instead it is further processed.

PACCAR engines

Care for the environment is also evident in our products. Such as our quiet, economical PACCAR engines, which of course meet the Euro 5 emission requirements. Yet again DAF underlines its leading position in the field of engine development by being the first European truck manufacturer to offer its complete engine range in ultra-clean EEV version. These `Enhanced Environmental Vehicles´ have soot particle emissions which are at least 33% lower than required by the current Euro 5 emission standard. Up until recent it was assumed that this could only be achieved with gas engines. DAF can achieve even lower values with durable and reliable diesel engines.

Hybrid vehicles

At the same time we are developing alternatives. As one of the first European truck manufacturers, DAF has started production of its hybrid distribution truck. The DAF LF Hybrid uses a parallel diesel/electric hybrid system, where the truck is driven by the diesel engine, the electric engine or a combination of both. Through DAF hybrid technology savings in fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions of up to 20% can be achieved, depending on the application.

We are striving towards an ever-increasing efficiency of our products, even lower emissions of noise and harmful exhaust gases, reduced maintenance and even better recycling possibilities. This is a never-ending race. We will continue to focus on optimizing our care for the environment even further. Our customers, staff and society are entitled to expect this from us.


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