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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Fuel options for greening public transport compared
A recent assessment of fuels used in public transport in Kaunas, Lithuania, has found that buses powered with locally-produced biogas and trolleybuses powered with electricity generated from natural gas cause the least environmental damage for the city.
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New climate change adaptation tool to manage waters
To identify the best policies to help Mediterranean communities adapt to the effects of climate change on water supply, a team of Spanish researchers has created a methodology that links science outputs to water management policy options.
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Clearer bills could help reduce demand for water
Confusing water bills and complex water tariffs could be making it more difficult for consumers to monitor and manage their own water use, according to a survey of householders on the Portuguese island of Madeira.
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Europe's rural landscapes classified using new approach
A recent study recommends a new approach to classifying Europe's rural landscapes that accounts for their diversity and provides better consistency across EU rural policies. This framework can be used to analyse past and present trends in landscapes, and to make future projections.
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Improved fisheries management needed to maintain tuna stocks
Stricter management of fisheries is needed to prevent overexploitation and decline of tuna and their mackerel relatives, according to an international study. The researchers say fisheries managers have wrongly treated upper limits for catches as target levels for fishing, contributing to global declines and the threatened status of some species.
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Consumers more likely to choose GM if benefits are clear
People are more willing to buy genetically modified (GM) foods than they may admit to, according to a new study. The study found a substantial difference between the number of people who said they would buy GM foods when surveyed and the number who actually bought GM labelled products at fruit stalls.
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