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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Recycled water from `managed aquifer recharge´ safe for irrigation
The health risks to humans of using recycled water to irrigate crops needs to be carefully managed. New research has demonstrated that `managed aquifer recharge´ can be just as effective as conventional water treatments in improving the quality of recycled water for use in irrigation.
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`Cool´ paving materials make summer in the city more comfortable
Using `cool´ materials to construct roads and walkways is an effective way of lowering urban temperatures to make cities more comfortable in hot weather. According to a recent study, surface temperatures were reduced by 12°C and ambient temperatures were reduced by 1.9°C after cool pavements were installed in a city park in Greece.
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Four key techniques to encouraging pro-environmental behaviour
A new analysis of how to encourage pro-environmental behaviour highlights four effective techniques: goal-setting, prompts or reminders, witnessing the behaviour of others and introducing new behaviours that correspond with existing beliefs.
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Noise pollution affects pollination and chances of seed germination
A study on the effects of noise pollution from natural gas wells in the US reveals that it may have reduced the number of young trees growing locally by changing the types of animals that visit the area. However, in the same woodland environment, flowering plants pollinated by hummingbirds seem to benefit from the noise.
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Integrating climate change adaptation into civil protection
Adapting to climate change is essential to protecting populations against extreme weather events, but is it adequately integrated into civil protection policy? A new study has analysed the level of integration in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands and provided broad recommendations for improvement.
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