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Eye on Earth is a global public information network

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Eye on Earth is a global public information network
Eye on Earth is a global public information network

Eye on Earth is a `global public information network´ for creating and sharing environmentally relevant data and information online through interactive map-based visualisations. The overall goal is to improve the environment by sharing information and knowledge. We believe `sharing is everything´ - by sharing relevant information, we can expand and improve our knowledge about the environment, to understand better what´s happening, and to underpin the need for actions to improve the environmental situation.

You can engage in three main activities:

1. Explore interactive maps made by others and discover new ways of seeing the environment.
2. Contribute your environmental observations or data. By further sharing these contributions you are helping to expand the knowledge base.
3. Create your own new custom maps and share them within closed groups or with everyone. See how this cutting edge technology can become an effective tool for you.

Eye on Earth is the result of a public-private partnership bringing together expertise from industry and public organisations. The European Environment Agency (EEA), Esri and Microsoft Corporation collaborated to launch the Eye on Earth Network, the online community for sharing and discovering data about environment. This new cloud computing-based network promotes the principles of public data access and citizen science. Users of this service can easily explore maps and map-based apps made by others, contribute content, and create their own maps and map-based apps, translating complex scientific data into accessible, interactive and visual online representations. Moreover, the Eye on Earth Network provides organisations with a secure central location for managing their geospatial environmental content. Information publishers can choose to share their work either with those in a small workgroup, members of an organisation, participants in a focused community, or anyone with an Internet connection

More on: http://www.eyeonearth.org/en-us/Pages/Home.aspx


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